Tree And Moon Diamond Art Kits
Tree And Moon Diamond Art Kits
Tree And Moon Diamond Art Kits

Tree And Moon Diamond Art Kits

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Our Tree and Moon Diamond Art Kits offer a gratifying journey. Once completed, your artwork can be proudly displayed as captivating decor pieces that infuse your living space with the magic of a moonlit night and artistic flair. Elevate your surroundings with the dreamy allure of your handcrafted masterpieces.


  • Cartoon Diamond Painting Kits:
  1. Includes a 12x16 inch (30x40 cm) high-definition painting canvas.
  2. Comes with color-coded rhinestones, a point diamond pen, a craft tray, clay, and self-sealing bags.
  3. Note: Frame not included. Extra 30% drill beads are provided in each section, ensuring no shortage.
    • High-Quality Materials:

    1. Utilizes premium natural resin materials for the diamond painting kits.
    2. Canvas features high-clear printing and is waterproof; symbols are easily legible.
    3. The pattern has a warm melt adhesive background with a protective film, preventing diamond loss.
    4. Canvas is lightweight, moderately bright, and boasts rich colors.
          • Enjoyable and Relaxing:
          1. After completion, it becomes a beautiful artwork for your room.
          • Perfect Gift:

          1. Ideal for gifting kids, family, friends, and coworkers.
          2. Suitable for New Year, Christmas, birthdays, and various holidays.