Rhinestone Tree Painting Kits
Rhinestone Tree Painting Kits
Rhinestone Tree Painting Kits

Rhinestone Tree Painting Kits

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Our Rhinestone Tree Painting Kits empower you to create a captivating artwork that embodies the intricate interconnectedness of life using the brilliance of crystal rhinestones. With a meticulously crafted canvas portraying the Tree of Life, an array of sparkling rhinestones, and growth. Each rhinestone placement adds depth and vibrancy, capturing the essence of this timeless symbol.


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  • Elevate Your Leisure Time: Discover the Joy of 5D DIY Diamond Painting for Adults
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  • Comprehensive Package: What's Included in Your Diamond Painting Kit
    • High-definition painting canvas
    • Vibrant round diamonds
    • Precision point diamond pen
    • Convenient diamond tray
  • Ideal Size: Canvas Dimensions at 11.8x15.7 inches
  • Simple Steps to Create:
    1. Locate the corresponding diamond on the provided table beneath the canvas.
    2. Apply an appropriate amount of diamond adhesive onto the diamond pen.
    3. Attach the chosen diamond to its matching location.
    4. Affix the diamond onto the canvas, aligning it accurately.
    5. After completion, press down on the diamonds using a book or your hand to ensure a secure fit.