Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits
Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits
Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits
Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits

Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits

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Our Gem Mushroom Flower Art Kits offer an immersive and gratifying journey. Once completed, your artwork can be proudly displayed as captivating decor pieces that infuse your living space with a touch of magic and artistic flair. Immerse yourself in the world of color blending and elevate your surroundings.


  • Material: Made from Diamond and Canvas
  • Coverage: Full Drill
  • Size: 12x16 Inch (30x40 cm)

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Point Diamond Pen
  • 1x Canvas
  • 1x Wax
  • 10x Small Ziplock Bags
  • 1x Diamond Tray
  • Enough Colorful Round Diamonds (20% Extra Diamond Dots Included)

DIY Steps for Creating 5D Diamond Paintings:

  1. Open the autumn diamond art kit and review the included tools.
  2. Consult the side table on the canvas to locate the corresponding diamond dots.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of diamond adhesive onto the pen.
  4. Affix the corresponding diamond onto the canvas.
  5. Attach the diamond onto the designated spot on the canvas.
  6. Store the remaining diamonds in the packaging bag.
  7. Use a book or your hand to firmly press the diamonds, ensuring their secure placement.


  1. Avoid exposing too much unfinished canvas area to prevent reduced viscosity.
  2. Prevent creasing by refraining from folding the canvas.
  3. Peel back the plastic film gradually, starting from the bottom, to prevent creasing.
  4. The kit does not include a frame; the canvas is rolled.
  5. Recommended to paste one color of diamond before moving on to other colors.